Monday, February 14, 2005

4 hours in Sydney

I was supposed to have 6 hours in Sydney, and my cousin was supposed to meet me, but turns out he's in Brisbane. So I was trying to decide whether to go shopping in Sydney or use my Qantas Club pass (I get one a year), and then I managed to get an earlier flight (plus it's direct, so I don't have to stop in Adelaide en route to Perth). So by the time I got over to Domestic I had 3 hours to kill and so the Qantas club it is.

This place rocks! I've been in before, but usually only for an hour at the most and usually with the student mentally of quaffing a few free wines or beers and loading up on cheese and crackers. This time I found the showers and the free internet access. I'm on to my second coffee and feeling much better than I ever have after a 14 hour flight with the prospect of 4 more hours to go. The only downside is that the bar doesn't open until 30 mins after my flight boards.

There was a lovely Aussie woman on the plane next to me, we talked for ages and even ordered the exact same drinks (a gin and tonic plus a glass of water), but of course never actually exchanged names let alone contact details. And there were actually good movies, Sideways was very funny and I Heart Huckabees was good in a wacky kind of way. I tried to watch Vanity Fair but couldn't stay awake. And I wanted to rewatch Motorcycle Diaries (I highly recommend it - and it has the added bonus of Gael Garcia Bernal), but ran out of time.

I have just over an hour to go, so I need to decide whether to spend the time a) finding random links for my blog, b) eating, drinking and reading magazines, c) proofreading a thesis or d) doing some work (hah! this is the second time my journal article has traveled round the world with me...). Option b seems like the least effort.