Sunday, February 20, 2005

Another airport, another huge hassle

So I get to Perth airport about 1 1/2 hours before departure, plenty of time. But no. First my check-in agent determines that because I don't have a return ticket out of the USA, they can't let me fly. Oh but I do have a return ticket, I say. Where is it? she asks. Um, well, I gave it to my mother a couple of hours ago so that she can take it to NZ to send it to my travel agent to have it reissued. So it transpires I can't get into the US without a physical paper ticket proving I will leave again. Then they figure out that I actually have a visa to be in the US, so that's OK. But it expires in March so that's not OK. But then they find my ticket out in the system so it's all OK. Phew.

Then I have 3 pieces of baggage - I mean, how was I to know that I would receive my degree already framed? By this time I've been at the check-in (with side trips to the ticket counter and to the guy who decided it was ok for me to fly) for about half an hour, so thankfully she takes pity on me and doesn't charge me the $110 they were going to.

And there is my boarding call.