Thursday, March 17, 2005

Happy St Patrick's Day!

I know it's over in a great deal of the world, but hey, it wasn't me who decided where to put the international dateline.

Anyway, I feel I'm having a very international St Patrick's Day. Not activity-wise mind you, I fully intend on visiting an Irish pub tonight and having a guinness or two. Maybe sing along to some Pogues (do they do that here?). But attire-wise: my green socks are from New Zealand, my green shirt is from Thailand, my green tagua bracelet is from Colombia and my green underwear is from Australia (ok, so that last might be too much information). I'm only not wearing my green hat from Guatemala because it doesn't fit over my dreads. That, plus it would look weird and I wouldn't people thinking I'm weird.

Here's an exercise for you. Think of any colour (say, green) and remember all the clothes you used to have of said colour and wonder what happened to them. I used to have these wonderful forest green velvet doc martin shoes - I gave them to a friend when I left NZ. And I find myself remembering with fondness a lime green crocheted cardigan with holes in the elbows. What on earth possessed me to get rid of that?