Wednesday, June 08, 2005

And now for something completely different

I'm so excited. My Triple J Hottest 100 Volume 12 has arrived. Every year on Australia Day Triple J does a hottest 100 countdown as voted by the Australian listening public. And then they put 40 of those tracks out on CD. It's got a great mix of Aussie (Spiderbait, Little Birdy, Missy Higgins, Spazzys, etc) and other stuff (Franz Ferdinand, Scissor Sisters, Modest Mouse, etc). Every now and again a New Zealand artist even slips in - this year Scribe, last year Salmonella Dub. Warning: some of these websites automatically play music, so make sure your speakers aren't full blast or anything. Unless that's what you want. Up to you entirely.

I'm just going to talk up Triple J a bit now, because they rock. It's a government funded non-commercial (no ads!) radio station playing, according to their own blurb, "the best, the most cutting edge, the now-est sounds you'll hear anywhere". It's broadcast throughout Australia and streamed online. Guess what I listen to at work... The best bit is, the morning show is on at lunchtime for me. Although it hasn't been the same since Adam and Wil left.

Of course, as a New Zealander, I'm officially required to hate or ridicule anything Australian.

Oh that reminds me of a great little news article I read today: When he's in trouble, Russell is NZ-born. Bloody Australians (there, is that better? Can I have my citizenship back?).