Monday, July 25, 2005

A strange weekend...

... in which the following events transpired.
  • A complete stranger bought me a drink. This hasn't happened in, oh, decades. I was in the city with two friends and this guy came up and said he would buy us drinks if we went and said hello to his friend, whose birthday it was. So we did, we got our free drinks, and about 10 minutes later the guys all left anyway. Weird. They were from Reno.
  • I went out for a barbecue and got home 30 hours later. My friend The Composer is housesitting in the South Bay, in a house with a swimming pool, so a couple of us went out there Saturday afternoon. And just never left. It was a lot of fun, even though he made us watch a really long and weird French movie called Celine et Julie.
  • We tried to teach a dog to swim. My friend's dog Porter came out with us. Even though he is part duck (i.e., he has webbed feet) he hates the water. A great deal of time was spent, and amusement had, trying to get him in the water. Methods included carrying him in and trying to coax him with a pinecone.
  • When I finally got home, it was to an email from my landlord, who lives in the same house, asking me to move out. No reason given. I actually don't have anything in common with him at all, and he's a bit weird, so I have no problem moving out. I had been vaguely thinking about it, but hadn't done anything about it. I will miss the kitchen though.
  • And then the weekend ended with a sing along around the piano at my old house, and the neighbours had to come over and tell us to shut up.