Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Officially, I do not exist

So first of all I somehow fell through the cracks in the university system. I found out the other day that I do not officially exist in the system.

But even better, is the fact that I do not officially reside anywhere. I've just been confirmed as a non-resident of NZ. But I'm also not a resident of the US, because that would involve a) marrying Gerard Depardieu* to get a Green Card, b) a little trip to Chinatown and some money changing hands all hush hush (so I've heard) or c) winning the Green Card lottery. No, as far as the US is concerned I'm on Scholar Exchange. It's just not clear where I'm being exchanged from (or what I've been exchanged with, perhaps).

This all has rather good tax implications for me, so I'm not complaining.

Maybe I'll just buy a People's Republic of Berkeley t-shirt and wait for California to secede.


*[edit] I just realised this wouldn't work. I would in fact have to Andi McDowell. Gross.