Thursday, July 21, 2005

Wish me luck

I have an interview in Australia on Monday.

Unfortunately, rather than fly me over, they've elected to interview me by phone.

It's a university teaching position, and I'll cross the bridge about deciding whether I actually want to live in the middle of nowhere in Australia (and let's face it, once you get away from the coast, everywhere is the middle of nowhere in Oz) once I get to it.

On the list of places I might end up next year, Sri Lanka has moved significantly up the list (postdoc position has opened up, I will be applying), and I've decided not to apply for a job in Nigeria, having been told that because of the security situation there, it's like living in a prison camp. NZ and US still both possible options.

I guess the world is indeed my mollusc of choice (to quote Terry Pratchett).