Sunday, June 26, 2005

A parade and some wine, what more could one want?

This morning was the annual San Francisco Gay Pride Parade. I only found out about it at the last minute, and we already had a day in wine country planned, but decided to check out the parade first before heading out of the city.

We decided to meet at 10am in the city, as the parade was starting at 10.30. It was me, two ex housemates both of which I lived with for 2 weeks (one moved out on me, I moved out on the other one) and a friend of ex-hm #1.

At 10.30 or so I arrived in the city. We met up. We had coffee. We had snacks. We stuffed around. At 11.15 we decided we should really check out the parade.

We possibly should have gone earlier. We completely missed the Dykes on Bikes and evidently all the good floats too. A lot of the floats we saw looked something like this:

And there seemed to be a lot of political ones (more power to them for supporting gay pride, but it's not the most scintillating theme for a float), and a particularly embarrassing Wells Fargo bank one ("You can be proud of us because we are proud of you" - something like that).

I did kind of like this guy on stilts though. He looked even better when he was right in front of me but my camera is a bit finicky and decided not to work until he was already leaving. Oh well. But look how thin the crowd is. It was a bit disappointing. But maybe the party was happening further down in the Castro.

And then there were these really cool people dressed up as tamales. Oh hang on, that might have been a parade thingy we had at work in Colombia once. Now that was trippy.

Then we left the city and drove up to Napa and visited four wineries. It was wonderful, the wine was good (I bought some Syrah and some Zinfandel), we managed to pick cute little wineries with (mostly) friendly staff and (mostly) generous tastings, and a good time was had by all. I completely forgot I had my camera until this moment: the bridge that costs an outrageous $5 to drive across.

And that was the day.

I *heart* the Bay Area.