Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Just pathetic

So I've been living in this fair land the US for over a year now, just outside one of the bigger cities, and how many live concerts have I been to? I think just the two Stern Grove ones (Lucinda Williams and Ladysmith Black Mambazo). It's pathetic!

My excuse is that in most places I've ever lived, if somebody in any way interesting is coming to town, you hear about it. Here this is just so damn much happening all the time.

If I were anywhere else, I would have traveled far and paid much to see some of these bands - for example, The Pixies, Gomez (at the Fillmore no less - it's legendary and I haven't even been there), Lenny Kravitz, The Cat Empire, Billy Corgan, Aterciopelados (I can't believe I missed them!), Violent Femmes, Tall Dwarfs, Bebel Gilberto, Kelly Clarkson (just kidding!), to name a few that I happened to spot just scrolling through the SFStation music guide. This is depressing.

But! There is hope. In the next 6 weeks before I leave there is plenty happening and I can try and make up for my general crapness in managing to see live music. For a start Franz Ferdinand are playing soon - while the Gay Maitre D' is visiting no less. Or there's the Killers, Modest Mouse, Tracy Chapman,... Surely I can manage to get off my arse and go and see one of those!

And failing that, at least soon I'll be living in a place where no decent bands ever play, so I won't have to feel guilty about not going and seeing any of them.