Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me

The tally:
  • 1 birthday card
  • 1 e-card
  • 1 phone message (including a rendition of "happy birthday to you" from my nephew which made my day)
  • 2 birthday text messages
  • 3 birthday emails
  • 1 birthday voucher from my hairdresser ($10)
And I got some prezzies from the family when I was back in NZ last week.

I haven't been dropping hints this year that my birthday is coming up, I usually do. So it's quite good really that a number of people who aren't related to me remembered.

Now for the forecast for the coming year. First up what's in the stars.
  • The Border Mail (local rag) said something along the lines of: "Your Birthday Today: it will not be a spectacular year." Well phooey to them I say.
  • Ivillage however says that this is my year to shine (along with all other Capricorns, obviously). According to them, I'm due to meet someone (along with 1/12 of the population) in January or February. I'm going to assume they mean someone special, because if I went for all of January and February and only met one person, that would be pretty boring.
  • Of course the Chinese year of the Dog is about to begin (29 January, I believe), and I'm a Dog, so I'm assuming it's a good thing. But Chinese astrology is complicated - for example in my quick google search I've discovered that 2006 is a fire dog year, but I'm a metal dog, and dog is earth, so who knows what that means. Apparently I have to stay away from Sheep and Ox people this year.
  • A tarot reader in Berkeley told me that I'm going to have a good year, and succeed in my work, and meet someone between 5 and 11 weeks of arriving here. I've been here 9 1/2 weeks. Stay tuned.
  • Also, according to Rudolf Steiner, every cell in the body changes every seven years, which means I'm due for a change today. Ooh, apparently the association centres of the brain come to their peak efficiency at age 35. And after 35, one begins to feel a new restlessness. Considering how much travelling I've done in the last five years, I don't know if that's possible.
And what do I want for the year? Lots of things, some of them are:
  • To travel to at least one more country (got to keep up with the age, you know). Distinct possibilities are Sri Lanka, Rarotonga and / or the Maldives.
  • Have my hair long enough to tie in pigtails
  • Buy an iron. No, just kidding.
But I have only one real resolution for the coming year. And that is to live each day consciously - which is quite different from just being conscious every day, I've just about mastered that one.