Sunday, December 18, 2005

Ned Kelly country

I just discovered that I live in Ned Kelly country. Ned Kelly is of course famous for wearing a coal bucket on his head and some other stuff involving shoot outs and bank robbing.

Yesterday I drove the 40km down to Beechworth, because I had heard it's the place for pottery (I didn't find any Christmas presents, but I did buy myself a nice dinner plate and coffee cup - just one of each, I've decided I don't want everything to match, I'd rather have random beautiful things). And I discovered lots of vague Ned Kelly references. So I'm guessing he did something there at some point. The closest I got was the sign outside the old gold vault (Beechworth was a goldmining town in the 1800s) saying that Ned Kelly didn't rob it.

I was about to whinge about still not having internet connection at home, but that's boring. But annoying.