Monday, November 28, 2005

Where the kiwi has flown #2 - a vignette of Cali

I wrote this over four years ago, when I first lived in Cali, Colombia.

A flash of light silhouettes Cerro de las Tres Cruces, the hill flanking the west of the city, topped with three huge crosses, a South American Golgotha. There it is again, another brilliant flash illuminating the cloud-strewn sky. But there is no thunder, no sound at all except for the low growl of the ubiquitous beaten up yellow taxis streaming by on the street below. I gaze up at the sky above my rooftop haven - the half moon and early stars are bright and clear. A fresh breeze cools my skin, still slightly sweat-sticky from the heat of the day. I scan the skyline of my adopted city, the endless houselights of the plains to the south, the skyscrapers closer by, the drug-money-funded apartment blocks dwarfing the decrepit colonial villa, now empty and easily corroborating the rumours of murder and cannibalism sometime in its hazy history. The Cristo Rey, a huge statue of Christ on a hill to the south-west, religiously lit up, stands with arms raised in beatification towards the three crosses. And the silent surreal Andean lightening storm continues capturing its snapshots of Santiago de Cali.

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