Monday, June 12, 2006


Multiculturalism. This is what is lacking in regional Australia. It's very monoculturual. There are a handful of people who are not white anglosaxon, but really not that many. There are people at work who speak other languages. But everyone's first language is English.

I think this is an aspect of this town that will eventually spell the end of our relationship. There are many things I like about this town. Certain aspects of its character I love. It's open and relaxed and easy and cheap (easiness and cheapness obviously being something everyone looks for in a relationship) and quite attractive in its own way.

I went down to Melbourne this weekend. In the markets I heard so many different languages being spoken. It was great.

There are things I now find annoying about the big city - I got lost both arriving and leaving, there's way too much traffic. It's too big and complicated. But complicated can be a good thing.

So unless this town can learn to be a bit more multicultural, I'm going to have to have to move on*. I've always known this. I just hope that this town understands.


* It won't be for a while. The job's all good.