Friday, April 14, 2006

Please tell me where my diary is

Not that long ago, a couple of weeks ago at the most, I was flicking through my diary and found an entry about the Easter I spent in Salerno and Cocora in Colombia. So tonight I thought it might make a good blog post. It being Easter and all. So off I went to get my diary from beside my bed.

Not there.

Then I remembered I actually wrote in it not that long ago. Which is kind of surprising, cos I hadn't written for ages. But then I did.

So I looked for it in the lounge. I looked in my bedroom. I looked under my bed. I looked under the pile of clothes on the floor. I looked in the kitchen. I looked in the spare oom. I looked in the bathroom of all places. I opened up the sofabed. I looked behind every piece of furniture in the house. I tidied the table that was covered in bills and junk mail. I looked in the most unlikely places. Thrice.

I did find some old diaries. 14 Feb 1993-17 July 1996 and 10 August 1996-3 December 2001. Fascinating stuff, for me. Rather annoyingly, I had a habit back then of writing about people but not actually mentioning names. So half of what I wrote I have no idea who it was about.

It's really really bugging where my current diary (which probably started January 2002) could be. My current theory is that someone obviously broke into my house, ignored my computer, digital camera, dvd player etc, and took off with my diary, and is now publishing its contents all over the internet. If you google 'Easter' and 'Cocora' you'll no doubt come across it. Let me know.

But going on the very slight possibility that it is still in my house, please leave your suggestions in the comment box as to where I should look for it.

Thank you. It's driving me mad.