Sunday, February 20, 2005

possibly my favourite beach in the world

Ah, Cottesloe. For a start, it's on a west coast. I've discovered I much prefer west coasts for sunsets over the sea - and I'm infinitely more likely to be awake for sunset than for sunrise. Secondly, this time of year, the water is warm (certainly compared to the Bay Area of San Francisco and New Zealand waters). Thirdly, it's got decent waves to frolick in.

I arrived in Perth last Tuesday to 40C+ heat - that's well over 100F, for the metrically (or sensible temperature system-ly) challenged. I was too jetlagged to make it to the beach that evening, but in the morning I went for a swim, even though the air temperature was down to around 25C. Then I had breakfast at a lovely little cafe near the beach. It reminded me of my romantic image of thesis writing, sitting in a cafe by the beach sipping coffee and writing scholarly thoughts. I think I did writing in a cafe exactly once.

As I was swimming, I realised it was my first time in the ocean since 26 Dec, when I was scuba diving off Phi Phi island in southern Thailand during the tsunami (but that's for another post).

I rounded up my visit to Perth with a drink at the OBH and dinner at Barchetta, both at Cottesloe beach. I think my dream come true would be to pick up that stretch from Blue Duck down to Paradiso and plonk it down just north of Berkeley marina.

This was possibly my last time in Perth, at least in the forseeable future. And as much as it hurts me, as a kiwi, to say this, I have a defininite soft spot for Western Australia. I don't even mind that they laugh at the way I say fish and chips and beer / bear. At least they know where NZ is, and that it's not part of Australia. And that a carpark is somewhere you park your car, and not a place for Minis to play on swings. Ah, but blank looks on American's faces when I use certain words - that's also another post.