Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Yay, I'm going to Melbourne tomorrow. I've only ever been in the airport and the airport hotel there, so it'll all be completely new! Things to do: buy a map book of Melbourne. I know where the motorway to Melbourne starts, and I figure I just follow that until I hit Melbourne (or the ocean, in which case I've gone too far). It's a 3-hour drive.

Hot 'n' Spicy Kiwi (my Bangkok-based sister) is in Melbourne on business. She flies back out just after midnight on Friday. She's catching up with old friends on Friday after work so I'll crash that party and then take her to the airport. And then I have Saturday and Sunday to explore Melbourne!

Any Melbourne readers - 1. what are the must do things and 2. email me if you want to meet up!

I'm missing my work Christmas party (tomorrow) so I'll miss out on a bit of socialising but a) who the hell has their Christmas party in the middle of November? and b) they're roasting a goat on a spit, and I'm not too keen on that - I know no one is going to force me to eat it, but I don't even particularly want to see it.

A bit of blog business: is it possible to delete just one comment after it's been posted? I had to remove all comments from my ozone hole post because someone posted my actual name, and I'm paranoid enough that I don't want my real name on my blog anywhere.