Saturday, February 18, 2006

This little piggie went to market

I finally got around to checking out the Sunday Community Market this morning. It was pretty much just like the Ashby Weekend Market in Berkeley, but about 1/4 the size. And probably pretty much like weekend markets anywhere, I guess. Who buys all this crap? Who are these people who buy broken tools and paperbacks missing the cover and chipped crockery? Mercifully I didn't spot any stalls with handknitted toys and teapot cosies, which I was fully expecting. I bought some plums and capsicums and a watch.

In other weekend happenings, I canoed for 3 hours on the Murray River yesterday. Lots of fun, especially as it was someone else's canoe that got snagged and capsized - twice. In fact, the occupants of that canoe were so freaked out after the second time that they opted to wait on an island for a jetski to come and rescue them.

And totally unrelated to anything, I give you Bee Dogs.