Tuesday, July 04, 2006


The other night I was trying to find a friend who was at a restaurant 100m from where we were. My phone is Australian and his is Colombian, so I guess the signal went from Switzerland to Australia to Colombia back to Switzerland. International roaming is kind of cool.

I can tell I've been around German speakers too much when I start saying "sheeps" and "willage".*

I've just been for a walk in Gurten - the hills above Bern. The mountains were hiding unfortunately (they are shy because the mountains peak) in the haze. It's cool how lots of places here are named after cheese - Emmental, Gruyere, etc.

I don't have any more photos yet because I'm not really on holidays yet - I'll start being a tourist on Saturday.


* I am in no way making fun of their accents. Their English is way better than my German. It's just cute how they say "sheeps" and "willage".