Friday, September 01, 2006

why I love coming home

This is what I come home to. I love my garden. I wonder how long it will stay beautiful and when I will actually have to start giving it some tlc.

My magnolia tree, last night. At least, I think it's magnolia. I blame my lack of plant knowledge on my parents moving us to a first floor apartment for most of my formative years. We had geraniums on the balcony, so I know that they look like at least.

One of my criteria when looking for a house was a verandah to hang my hammock. Bliss.

And here's the view from my hammock (if I'm lying in it the opposite way than I am in the photo, obviously). I have more or less the same view from my bedroom window, which is where I've put my desk.

The back garden is not quite as pretty, and is getting a bit overgrown. I probably need to do something about it soon. But on the other hand, there are all these pretty flowers popping up - not to mention mint - mojitos anyone?

And finally, my wonderful lemon tree. I've always wanted a lemon tree. I also have a kiwifruit vine and an orange tree. Notice how blue the sky is behind the lemon tree.

And that's my photoblog for today.