Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The little details

It's the little details you don't notice about a house until you've moved in.

For example, on the back of my bedroom door (btw, Dad, do you fancy a plaque that says "Grandad's Room" for Father's Day?):

I don't know whether you can actually see in this photo, the three nails on the wall above the door, at three different heights - to me, this looks suspiciously like flying ducks are supposed to hang on those nails...

And how kind of the previous owners to leave this witty and appropriate plate hanging in the kitchen ("I am the master of this house. Whatever my wife says shall be done"). And it goes so well with the wallpaper. I am going to get such satisfaction from tearing down that wallpaper.

There are of course details that I love. Even though it's kind of 70s, I like the overhead display cabinets in the kitchen. Perfect for my Vietnamese laquer bowls (and those are Colombian earth bowls behind them). Of course it will look much better once I paint the walls. Any suggestions as to what colour I should do the kitchen?

And that's about as much of my house as I'm willing to show at the moment, cos I only just moved in so it's mostly still a big mess.