Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wikipedia meme

Because I've been so crap at blogging lately, I'm going to try and give the impression that I actually have something to say* by doing this Wikipedia meme, pinched from Stella a while back.

How to do it:
  1. Go to Wikipedia
  2. In the search box, type your birth month and day but not the year.
  3. List three events that happened on your birthday
  4. List two important birthdays and one death
  5. One holiday or observance (if any)
10 January.

Three events:
1810: The marriage of Napolean and Josephine is annulled
1863: The first section of the London Underground opens (mind the gap)
1929 Tintin (Belgian comic book character) makes his debut

Two important birthdays:
1949 - George Foreman (do you think if I email him and tell him we share a birthday, I'll get a free grill?)
1949 - Linda Lovelace - now there's a piece of trivia I'm going to try and work into conversation more often

One death:
1971 (on the day I was born) - Coco Chanel

One holiday or observance:
Margaret Thatcher Day in the Falklands Islands - what the???


* I actually do have plenty to say, I just can't seem to get around to it. For example, there's the fact I just went to Europe for a month. And bought a house. Little things like that.