Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bohemian rhapsody

Prague is seriously beautiful. And very Bohemain (cos it's in Bohemia, geddit?). I could live here, I reckon. As long as it's never winter. The language is musical (all those soft z's) and the architecture is stunning as is the history of the place - Good King Wenceslas, Dvorak, Mozart and Kafka all used to hang out here - although not together, I believe. In an hour I'm going on a four hour walking tour of Hradcany (the main castle), the Old Town, the Jewish quarter and the Lesser quarter.

I caught the train yesterday from Berlin to Prague. We passed through Dresden and I was trying to find some historical association in the recesses of my brain and all I could come up with was The Dresden Dolls. I had similar problems with Spandau - for some reason it made me think of ballet.

Now I'm going to go and find some lunch before starting this tour. Lunch will no doubt include a half litre glass of beer - it's standard. Czech Republic is of course the home of pilsner (Plzen is just to the west of Prague) and the original budweiser (Budvar) - which is reportedly miles better than US budweiser - but that wouldn't be hard to achieve.

As wonderful as Berlin and Prague are, of course the most exciting event of this trip is yet to come - tomorrow brings me to Chateau Mac! How excitement!