Wednesday, February 23, 2005

old house / new house

So, I moved house the other day. Actually, the same day as I flew to Australia, which caused unnecessary stress, but meant that I didn't have to deal with it when I got back on Monday. Now the only things left at my old house are some wine and the worm bin. So, a comparison.

Location - Old house: 1 mile north of campus, up a hill. New house: 1 mile south of campus, on the flat.
Closest coffee shop - Old house: 7 blocks. New house: 1 block (along with restaurants, cute shops, etc).
Closest washing machine and dryer - Old house: in the laundromat, 6 blocks. New house: off the kitchen.
Bedroom - Old house: not big enough to swing a cat in, nice enough but a little dark. New house: big enough to swing any number of cats, big window with view of the bay.
House itself - Old house: big, wonderful view of Golden Gate bridge and bay, ready to fall apart in an earthquake (and apparently the faultline is just behind the house). New house: remodelled 1916 villa, everything eco-friendly and gorgeous (downside: no shoes in the house, have to be careful not to scratch the granite benchtop in the kitchen, felt feet on the furniture).
Flatmates - Old house: fabulous people (why did I give them the url for this blog?), mostly 20-something students, oh, and, there's 6 of them. New house: the landlord and one other, seem nice but I don't know them yet, both work and are my age or older.
Rent - Old house: pricy (by most standards, average by Berkeley standards). New house: expensive (by Berkeley standards: reasonable).

On the whole, I think I made the right decision. And there is the bonus that when I go back to my old house, for example tonight to watch the final of Project Runway, I'm not just blobbing at home in front of the tv, I'm socialising.