Tuesday, April 05, 2005

"New Music"

I like live shows, and I think supporting local talent is very worthwhile, but still, it never would have occurred to me to go to a performance of New Music, had I not known The Composer. Hell, I wouldn't even have known that such a thing as New Music exists.

Side note: I've decided it's boring to refer to people by their initials, so I need to come up with monickers for everyone. For D. I've considered MusicBoy (too general), ChoirBoy (he teaches choir, but still, maybe this gives the wrong impression) and ChoirBitch (he called himself that, but I don't want to lower the tone of my blog). I've settled on The Composer, which sounds awfully grand.

Anyway, so The Composer wrote a piece called “… t_ ho_d th_ fu_ure unt__ _he _uture _ade ba_k to th_ spot…” for piccolo, violincello, and piano. (Secretly I think it stands for "ta hoed tho furniture until she suture bade bark to thy spot", even though he claims otherwise). The title gives an indication of the, well, weirdness of the piece. I say this with the utmost respect. Lots of interesting instrument techniques like something called bowed piano which we all thought The Composer had invented himself but it turns out someone else did back in the 60s. It involves pulling things through the piano strings and sounds very atmospheric like the scary thing is about to happen in the movie.

While listening to the piece I was reminded of when my uncle visited last year. He was very interested in getting to know my housemates, and asked to hear one of The Composer's compositions. My uncle was full of praise until The Composer left the house, at which point he confided in me: "I like music with, well, melody".

Anyway, I feel very cultured.

Afterwards we went and had a drink or two (for drink read jug / pitcher), which made for a fun Monday night but a not so pleasant Tuesday.