Monday, April 04, 2005

New toys

I've got two new toys. On Saturday I bought a straightening iron, which I used for the first time this morning. Now my hair looks much closer to what it looked on leaving the salon last week, and less like a bouncy 80s hairstyle. What's most exciting is that I bought one that works on wet hair, so it makes a satisfying sssss on contact.

My second new toy is a Garmin Forerunner wrist GPS. I had a $70 credit with Amazon to put towards it, so it only cost me $15. Now I no longer need to worry about getting lost when I venture into Tilden Regional Park or even into the windy hill streets near my house (I have a terrible sense of direction and a half hour walk can easily turn into an hour as I wander aimlessly only to find myself in Downtown Oakland or something). I only just got it so haven't even put batteries in yet, but it looks like it will be a very fun toy. I'm not looking forward to finding out my running pace though - I'll probably find I'm just breaking the 40 minute mile or something.