Thursday, May 12, 2005

Three things

Three things I miss about Colombia:
1. Spectacular thunder
2. Patacones ("flattened plantain", according to the translation on the packet)
3. Everything being so damn cheap

Three intriguing things in the Sky Mall catalogue on the plane:
1. The Swiss Army knife with inbuilt flash drive
2. The fake rock to "hide landscaping problems" in one's garden
3. The pet roll-aboard bag (it's not for the pet's belongings, the pet goes in it, in case you were confused)

Three unexpected pleasures about being back in Berkeley
1. The toilet flushes on first go (you don't even want to know)
2. It's light out until 8.30pm
3. My inner elbow eczema has completely disappeared

Three people added to my blogroll
1. The Editter (get that blog rolling)
2. Cesca
3. Whateva Sista

Three things I plan to do now I'm back in Berkeley
1. Blog more
2. Start hapkido again
3. Get worms for my worm bin