Sunday, April 24, 2005

Would you pay US$15 for a can of Guinness?

This afternoon we had a charity auction for the British community in Cali - that is, the Brits were bidding, the proceeds were going to charity. A couple of friends of mine here work with a charity called Forming Futures Foundation, providing homes (and more) for former street children. I'd put a link but their webpage is down at the moment. But they do excellent work - if anyone knows how I can set something up to collect donations for them in the US, let me know.

Anyway, so we had various goodies at the auction. Tea, Bodyshop stuff, marmite, curry sauce, cadburys, baked beans, cheddar - the kind of things expats miss. I donated some Ghirardelli chocolate (from Trader Joes) , 4 cans of Boddingtons and 4 cans of Guinness (from Andronicos). I'm not sure how much the chocolate went for, but the bidding on the beer was vicious. I think one of the cans went for almost US$20.

A friend and I also spent the morning making sausage rolls and biscuit fudge, which I am happy to report sold like hotcakes (we didn't make hotcakes).

I don't know how much of a chance I'll get to blog while I'm in Colombia, and probably less to comment on other people's blogs - so if you're one of those reading this, apologies in advance.