Saturday, April 30, 2005

Oh, deer!

I walked into a party recently where I hardly knew anyone. A man by the door said hello, so I asked him how he knew the couple whose party it was. He said he worked with the guy. Oh, I said, it's her I know, I don't really know him - where do you work?

The Dairy Industry, he said. Oh, I said, coyly, I'm dairy-free!

No, he said. Deer Industry. Then he made antlers! I blushed.

You're not deer-free, I suppose? he said.

No, no, I said, trying to recover, in fact, I said, I had venison chippolatas only last week. I didn't talk to him again, in fact, I didn't even deer look in case he made antlers again...

This isn't flying kiwi, btw, this is her sister (the editter) , doing a guest post!