Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Art Wednesdays

I'm copying the trend set by LLCoffee with her Artwork Mondays, and supposedly Cesca, with her Art Tuesday (I just noticed the singular - is that why there was only one?). Come on Cesca, post some more art.

Anyway, I don't draw or paint (nothing I would actually take a photo of, anyway!), but when I was living in Colombia I made silver jewellery as a hobby. My designs are always one-offs (because it's too boring to make the same piece again) and I've either kept the pieces for myself or given them to friends as presents.

This one is probably my favourite - I made it for a friend who doesn't wear jewellery, so I couldn't make her a necklace or earrings or a bracelet (you know, something relatively simple). So I made her a hairclip (barrette). It's NZ paua shell (abalone), Colombian silver and the wood is some native Colombian wood but I can't remember what.