Tuesday, February 28, 2006

2 sleeps to go...

... until my flying visit to New Zealand. I will be there for just 3 whole days - and that includes driving for 7 hours. So I will spend more time travelling than anything else - sigh. But I just couldn't take more time off work, what with it being only the second week of term.

The event is a dear friend's wedding, and the bonus is that I get to see two of my sisters and my parents (and my sister's bump, for the first time). And I get to drink as much as I like at the wedding, because the Editter can be the sober driver!

I think I'm organised:
  • wedding outfit - check
  • wedding present - check
  • present for friend's one-year-old - check
  • present for nephew who's turning 12 - check
  • present for niece who's turning 5 - check
  • Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything to lend to my Dad - check
  • Bryan Sykes' The Seven Daughters of Eve to return to the Editter - check
  • wine made by my university - check
  • passport - check
Haven't done any of that packing malarky yet, that can wait until the last minute.