Sunday, July 09, 2006

Special report from Berlin

Views were divided yesterday as to whether the Colombian singer Juanes is sexier with short hair or long. Flying Kiwi thought he looked better with long hair, as he was when she saw him in Cali in September. Her friend thought he looked much better with the short haircut he sported at the Berlin concert of his Mi Sangre tour yesterday. Although Flying Kiwi disagreed, ¨I wouldn´t kick him out of bed¨, she said.

The concert was very enjoyable, and identical to the one in Cali at the beginning of the tour. Flying Kiwi maintains that she is not a groupie, but that it was pure coincidence that she was in Berlin on the same day as Juanes. She is also in Berlin the same day as the World Cup final, and yet somehow finds herself not really caring and instead blogging at the exact time the match is on.

In other local news, Potsdam is very nice and so is Berlin* and sources close to Flying Kiwi think she would enjoy living here. Flying Kiwi is skeptical of the enjoyment factor of winter in Berlin, but concedes that is pretty cool and has about a thousand times more culture than regional Australia.


*photos have been taken and will be posted at some point