Thursday, December 07, 2006

No, it's not fine

We haven't had decent rain for quite some time now. Farmers are walking off their farms because the drought is so bad. The dam upriver is just about empty - less than 10%. Once that's gone, we have no more water, and neither does the Murray River.

I noticed last week that the weather report on local TV no longer says "fine" but "dry". Because it's not fine that there is no rain. Incidentally, this idea was first brought to the nation's attention on Triple J by none other than Harold from Neighbours.

As if heat and drought isn't bad enough, the bushfires have started (with no water to put them out...). . Saturday is forecast for 39C and there are worries that the fires will be worse than "Ash Wednesday" in 1983.

I don't think we're actually in any danger here. Except from smoke inhalation. There was so much bushfire smoke drifting in today that I had to have my foglights on at 4pm. The smoke alarms went off at work.

Please send water.