Tuesday, June 21, 2005


So I finally have a bloggies badge. In the end I had to make my own, because someone who shall remain nameless forgot to make me one. So I went with the exclusive paua design and am rather pleased with the result. Although I have yet to make the bloggies ratings, I feel that creating my own badge (and such a pretty one) shows a level of commitment and... wait, are the judges even reading this?

In other Kiwiana-related news, there is, of all things, a restaurant in Alameda called The New Zealander. Who would have thought? I went there about a month ago with some friends, but was at a loss to prepare them for what kiwi cuisine is all about. It's kind of cute actually. They serve marmite and cheese sandwiches and mince and cheese pies and sausage rolls. And other stuff. They claim to have baby moa sandwiches, but it's actually chicken. They did have a rather wonderful pavlova. I'm wondering whether there are any other NZ restaurants out there?

And the other week I was strolling through the Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park (on my way to see the bison, as you do) and came across the New Zealand section. It was just like being on a bushwalk! There were ferns and pohutukawa and kauri and rata (or maybe not, but I don't know that many NZ native trees offhand). I heard a rustling in the undergrowth, and expected to see a fantail or a tui or something, but no, it was a squirrel. We don't have those in NZ. Totally ruined the effect.