Friday, October 07, 2005

Franz Ferdinand

Yesterday was Franz Ferdinand day. I had a postdoc function (free wine and food, yay) and the Gay Maitre D' was supposed to come and meet me there or at the cafe next door 6-6.30. He never showed up. I waited until 8pm. He doesn't even have a good story - he got lost and didn't have my phone number on him (duh!).

Another friend decided to come with me though, and we had some wine left over from the function, so took it with us. We got on the BART (train) and pulled out the bottle. A scary BART police guy walked through the doors and straight towards us: "Hand it over". We felt like naughty schoolgirls. But at least he didn't chuck us off the train.

At the concert we met up with another friend (and incidentally the Gay Maitre D' had gone there and waited outside until about 15 minutes before we turned up, but we totally missed each other so he went home...) and went inside to enjoy Franz Ferdinand. Now I no longer feel bad for not going to many concerts here. FF rocked, but American crowds seriously suck. Everyone just stood there with their arms crossed. I tried to get up close and some bee-atch grabbed my bag and yanked me backwards. Nobody was moshing or even really moving much. And then when FF finished their set, everyone just turned around and left. No yelling for encores or anything.

On the BART home I was bemoaning all of this, and some spoilt rich girl started yelling at me: "well why don't you go home then, what the f*k are you doing in this country if you don't like it". OMG. I've never been heckled like that before.

Today is wine country day and I'm going to make sure the Gay Maitre D' stays close to me at all times.