Friday, March 31, 2006

How to declutter your life

1. Store a whole bunch of stuff at your parents' place for 5 years
2. On a visit home, go through all that stuff and wonder why you stored half of it. Get rid of that half. Box up the rest* of the stuff which is useful, gorgeous or brings back all kinds of memories, which is why you stored it in the first place.
3. Send the box to yourself at great expense.
4. When the box arrives, get very excited at the thought of unpacking all this useful, gorgeous, memory-provoking stuff.
5. Unpack box
6. Throw away everything that broke. Voila, decluttered.

Here's the ratio of broke / didn't break:
Wineglasses: 6/4
Cups: 1/5
Plates: 3/4
Bowls: 2/0
Shotglasses: 0/4

Things weren't just broken. They were crushed. I'm rather upset but I don't know who to be upset with. I had two gorgeous fish plates, both broken**. Beautiful wineglasses. I'm bummed.

I could have saved a lot of time and money and just smashed it all up 5 years ago.

But, it's just stuff, I guess.


*OK, so there's still a couple of boxes at my parents' place. I'm getting there though.
**Also upsetting because I only own 2 dinner plates, so this would have doubled my dinner plate count and allowed me to think about having a small dinner party.