Sunday, December 17, 2006

Creature in the compost heap

Last week a mysterious creature was sighted in the compost heap of a suburban back garden in Regional Australia. According to eye witness reports, it was definitely reptilian in nature. An artist's impression of the sighting is shown below.
As the cover of the compost heap was removed, the creature slithered away. It moved too fast to be able to ascertain whether it had legs.

"I thought it might be a snake", said Flying Kiwi. "It had stripes on its back, so I didn't think it was a brown snake. But there are plenty of other poisonous snakes in Australia". From her description, an artist was able to render a realistic impression of what said snake may have looked like.

As only a portion of the creature was visible, it was hypothesised that it may in fact have been much larger. Although there have been no prior reports of crocodiles so far south of the tropics, the drainage ditch abutting the property made this a very real possibility. Although the lack of water in the drainage ditch somewhat refuted this theory. Again, an artist's impression of the possible crocodile is shown below.

After consultation with local residents however, it was agreed that the creature was probably a harmless and kind of cute blue toungue lizard.

Flying Kiwi expressed relief at this turn of events. "Still", she added, "I can't believe how many poisonous things there are in this country. Who would choose to live here?"