Sunday, March 25, 2007

on blog readership

So here's something that happened lately*: we're having lunch at the pub, and it comes up in conversation that a friend outed her brother's blog to the parents and grandparents. This lead naturally to the topic of blogs and blog readership, and whether it's a good thing knowing that your family reads your blog.

Of course at some point in the conversation I uttered the words "my blog".

To which one of my colleagues said: "Well now that you mention it, I stumbled across your blog a while ago."

Now, I have no problem with people I know reading my blog. I'm just a little uncomfortable with people I know reading my blog, when I don't know that these people know. It's a little weird. Luckily this guy is a friend and I don't really mind. But still.

So tonight I went through all my blog posts and my profile and replaced the name of the town I live in (for that's how he stumbled across it) with "regional Australia" and "this town". Of all the perils of living in a small town, this is not one I'd considered.

Question: are you paranoid about anyone stumbling across your blog?


*Let's make a deal. I'll ignore the fact I haven't blogged in living memory if you will. If you comment I will visit your blog. Let's hope you still have me blogrolled.