Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Away with the pixies

On the weekend I went to Sydney to see the Pixies (not to be confused with the pictsies, aka Nac Mac Feegles or Wee Free Men) at the V-Festival. They were ace and well worth the 6 hour drive each way. And I got to catch up with (and unintentionally sponge off ever so slightly) a friend from the US (ex-housemate from Berkeley) who is now doing ever so well for himself. And incidentally is now gay, although he didn't appear to be when I left Berkeley.

On the way to the V-Festival at Centennial Park, we stopped at the Paddington Markets. I was carrying no bag, so really the only things I could even consider buying would be jewellery or food. I did indeed buy a round or two of beer at the Paddington Arms, and as a small token from the markets bought a big, heavy, gorgeous, blue porcelein bathroom basin. Luckily it is being shipped to me. I would post a photo but I still haven't figured out how to get photos off my phone...

Have you ever bought anything totally impractical on a whim?