Monday, February 28, 2005

Monday morning - I'm with Garfield on this one

So not only did I sleep through my alarm this morning (that's not unusual for me, mind), I then managed to spill a full cup of coffee that was on my bedside table. It's a sign of my paranoia regarding my landlord that I dealt with the floor before my electronics - luckily it was only my speakers that copped a bit. Coffee sure does travel - there were little splats all along the skirting board under my bed. But the upside is that my bedroom now has a pleasant coffee aroma.

And then I get to work to find that my kind-of-boss has moved into the office next to me (it's been empty for the last few months), so instead of being able to play loud music and just get on with things I now feel like I'm being somewhat watched. Luckily we get on well so it should end up being a good arrangement.