Wednesday, March 02, 2005


I was going to say a few words about my PhD graduation the other week. I couldn't decide at first whether to go to graduation or not, but then I decided it was a good excuse to go back to Perth and finally the floppy velvet hat clinched it. It was truly a flying visit with only 5 nights in Australia. My parents came over for 4 nights (from NZ).

The graduation ceremony was on the Thursday evening, outdoors, and being summer it was still light when it started. The ceremony kicked off with a couple of speeches, the Australian National Anthem (no, not Waltzing Matilda), and a special song dedicated to all graduands: Mariah Carey's Hero (groan). I was about the 8th person up, and had to stand on stage while they read out a summary of my research. It sounded quite interesting really. Then I got handed my degree (already framed!), shook hands with the vice-chancellor, and sat down. And waited for the other 250 or so people to graduate. The guy next to me snored through the last 50 or so.

At the end (it was dark by now, and a little cold - thank goodness for the cape) there were fireworks while they played Icehouse's Great Southern Land. And so now I am officially a Doctor, floppy velvet hat and all.

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