Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Rapture

The rapture: When all the believers in Jesus Christ, who have been born again, are taken up to heaven.

Not that I'm saying anything one way or the other about this, it's just that it was brought to my attention lately. There is of course the really quite badly written Left Behind series, which I started reading last time I was in NZ out of curiosity. I got up to the bit where a whole lot of people, including all children, have disappeared suddenly, causing chaos and confusion to those left behind. Said people were trying to figure out what had happened, and theories ranged from spontaneous combustion to biological warfare. I never did find out what it really was...

Last week the incomparable Jon Stewart from The Daily Show brought this website to my attention. It's an email that will get sent to all those left behind after the rapture. If only this had happened in Left Behind, it would have saved all kinds of confusion. I'm thinking though, how embarrassing would it be if you sent this letter to all of your friends and then didn't get taken up?