Wednesday, April 25, 2007

artwork Wednesday

I recently did a mosaics night class (according to my sister, I'm a night class junkie).

The first project was a stepping stone. One of my friends thinks it looks like one of those colour-blindness tests. I should also mention that if you think you can figure out where I live from the house number, you'd be mistaken - for some reason in this town even the shortest streets have numbers over 500 - something to do with distance from the post office, nothing to do with the length of the street.

The next project was a plant pot. I think it's obvious what it's supposed to be, despite various classmates guessing things like kitten and rabbit. To be fair, this was before I'd added wings and feelers. The feelers are made from pipe cleaners by the way.

There are three lots of flowers around the pot (cos I wasn't going to attempt another bee, lest it be mistaken for a wombat or something), this is my favourite. If you look closely you can just see the feelers poking over the opposite edge of the pot.

Next projects - mosaicking my hearth and my fishpond.