Wednesday, May 16, 2007

GPS transcript

We (the Editter and I) drove down to Melbourne last weekend and a friend offered us the loan of his GPS navigator. Although I knew where we were going, it was actually very useful in telling me when to turn and all that. A built-in GPS is now one of three things I want in my next car that I don't currently have (the other two being cruise control and cup holders).

There is a new section of freeway going through my town, which the GPS doesn't know about yet. Its screen tells you that you're flying over rivers and paddocks. It panics. Every time you come close to where a road used to be, or still is but unaccessible because you're on the freeway, it tries to get you to turn onto it. Because you're going fast, it often doesn't have time to finish the sentence. The monologue goes something like this:

Turn around when possible.
Turn left in fort-
Turn le-
Turn right in twenty me-
Silence - because as far as it knows, I'm on the river
Turn around when
Turn left in forty metres
Turn next left
Sigh of relief as I'm back on a known road

The thing is, I felt guilty confusing it like that! I almost avoided the freeway so as not to confuse it! I found myself apologising to it.

What inanimate objects have you been known to apologise to?